digital printing


Digital printing


is becoming increasingly widespread as a result of modern trends emergence in the field of printing and publishing. The trend towards the use of computers in digital printing systems has increased, which increases the degree of color control and hence the high printing efficiency and increase the clarity and consistency of colors.

Digital printing is a translation that translates the digital system into a printing system, which is a course in the transfer of printing to materials to be printed on. The digital word means transferring the digital data stored on the computer to the printer, which in turn receives the data and translates it to the image to be printed.

digital printing - Tamayoz


We are in Tamayoz, We have a long and skilled experience in the field of printing, especially digital printing. We have the tools and tools that make us able to excel in digital printing.



digital printing - Tamayoz


Digital printing features


  1. You can print any number of copies, and there is no minimum print limit.
  2. Featuring more attractive and vibrant colors.
  3. It has few technical problems.
  4. The speed of printing is one of its most important features. It saves time and effort.
  5.  possibility of printing in different sizes up to 72 x 103 cm.
  6. Production many types of publications such as books, magazines, brochures, catalogs, tickets, posters and other publications.