E -Marketing through SMS messages

E -Marketing through SMS messages

  • 10-07-2016
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With the proliferation of smart mobile phones, which have spread very widely and on a very wide scale all over the world, you rarely find someone who does not have a mobile phone, whether smart phone or simple phone is important that through social communication with parents, friends, neighbors and co-workers, It has become reliable to communicate and save a lot of time and effort.


E -Marketing through SMS messages


The concept of marketing by SMS messages


Marketing by SMS messages is the work of marketing services and other goods by communicating with large numbers of users of mobile phones simultaneously and very quickly and targeted segments of customers with the click of a button to reach a large number of messages to customers at a standard time while maintaining messages and display in the case of Whether the mobile switched off or out of service.


E -Marketing through SMS messages


Advantages of marketing by SMS messages


  1. The simple cost used to send the message.
  2. Control and resend messages at any time.
  3. Ability to send more than one message to the same user or to split long messages into multiple messages.
  4. Easy access to the target age or category to which you want to send messages.
  5. Ensure that the message to be delivered to the user to be dealt with is contrary to traditional methods of marketing.
  6. The ease and simplicity of the relationship between the company and its client so that it can be communicated at any time with mobile.
  7. Keep messages until you read them through alerts that appear on the mobile until opened by the user.
  8. Easy to control the budget for advertising through SMS.
  9. The name of the sender can be controlled by some applications to create a well-known brand directly to the customer
  10. Obtain mutual trust between you and the public, which increases with constant follow-up.


E -Marketing through SMS messages


Marketing message


 What is the short marketing message and what are its most important elements?

The marketing message is a simple phrase that associated with the name of the company to be always committed in the sense that once the message mentioned, the name of the company comes to mind, That is, the name of the company and that sentence are always in line.


Marketing message elements...


Target category


The marketing message varies depending on the target group, which seeks to enter the target customers to the circle of your current customers. If the group you target, such as, doctors, the target message considered to be proper to the level of thinking to them contrary to the group of workers and ordinary employees, But if you are targeting the rich and the wealthy, you should satisfy their physical arrogance in the message that you send to them, On the contrary, with those with limited income, feel them in your message by taking care of their money and not wasting it in what is not useful.


Product Type


The marketing message also varies depending on the type of product or service provided.










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